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Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and the Law

Our Services

Headquartered in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Vitalis serves both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys throughout the United States. 

  • Medical and Nursing Malpractice

  • Personal Injury

  • Product Liability

  • Toxic Tort

  • Workers' Compensation

 Let the team at Vitalis take care of the time consuming medical aspects so you can focus on the client. 

Case Screening 

Provide a comprehensive review of the medical records and provide an objective opinion to help guide your legal decisions.

Case Reports

Develop comprehensive case reports and chronologies tailored to suit your specific needs. Highlight discrepancies, identify gaps in care, missing records, inappropriate treatment, record tampering, patient non-compliance, etc.

Medical Record Analysis

Review of patient records to identify errors, omissions, and other discrepancies that may have legal implications.  Assist with discovery and requests for production.

Expert Witness Identification

Identify and locate the best expert witnesses to strengthen the credibility of your case.

Electronic Medical Records Audit Trail

EMR Audit Trail interpretation and evaluation.

Standards of Care

Identify adherence to and deviations from applicable Standards of Care to identify causation issues and contributing factors. 

Independent Medical Exams

Attend defense medical examination with the client.  


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